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Clapper Rail

To conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats, for the benefit of humanity and the Earth's biological diversity.

Bahia Wetlands

A film on resident wildlife and Marin Audubon’s habitat restoration work underway at Bahia Marsh, on the Petaluma River in Novato, California. Produced by Jeffery Martin as a gift to Marin Audubon.
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Welcome to Marin Audubon Society

For more than 50 years Marin Audubon has worked to protect wildlife habitat in Marin, sometimes stepping in to buy land that is slated for development. We need your help today to purchase a 5.2 acre property that will fill a critical gap in the 300 acre Corte Madera Ecological Reserve.

MAS also provides its members and the public many opportunities to experience the birdlife and nature of Marin County and beyond through Field Trips and Events, our monthly MAS newsletter The Clapper Rail, and the annual Christmas Bird Counts. For a listing of many of our activities and events please check our Calendar.


December Habitat Stewardship Days Are Canceled - Our December 5th workday at Triangle Marsh and our December 12 workday at Bahia are canceled. Please join us in January. (Sat, Jan 2 at Triangle and Sat Jan 9 at Bahia) Happy Holidays.

Coming Soon: Christmas Bird Counts For 2015. - Information here on three Marin County Christmas Bird Counts. And sign up here for Marin Audubon's Southern Marin CBC on December 26th.

Corte Madera Ecological Reserve Acquisition

After 20 years of negotiation, Marin Audubon Society has reached an agreement to purchase a critical 5.2-acre former tidal marsh that is key to the survival of the endangered Ridgway's Rail (formerly California Clapper Rail) and other wildlife. This campaign will protect and restore, in perpetuity, coastal wetlands in the Corte Madera Creek watershed, filling a critical gap in the 300-acre Corte Madera Ecological Reserve. The Ecological Reserve includes one of the few marshes around the Bay that has never been diked, as well as 200 acres of restored marsh. Ancient marshes have complex channel systems and vegetation, and support greater diversity and numbers of wildlife. These rare and valuable characteristics will be protected, enhanced and expanded by this acquisition.

Update August 2015 - Thank you to our donors!

As of early August, we have received funds and pledges for the full purchase amount of $1,075,000. Many, many thanks to our donors and to government agencies who have responded to our call. This five-plus acre parcel is an integral piece of the remaining marshland in Central Marin. We look forward to updating you as we move ahead to restore the tidal marsh and create upland refugia for an important population of endangered Ridgeway’s Rail, as well as other wildlife that inhabit the Corte Madera Ecological Reserve.


Surrounded by development, the Corte Madera marshlands are critical wildlife habitat as well as a buffer against sea level rise. The new acquisition is the smaller of the two filled and bright green parcels. Photo by Robert Campbell.

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Our Mission: To conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats, for the benefit of humanity and the Earth's biological diversity.


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Consistent with its mission, the Marin Audubon Society has been acquiring properties in Marin County with restorable habitat value.


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